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Low Cost Home Heating Oil and Commercial Fuel

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Home Heating Oil (Kerosene)

Tommy Dowd Oil Supplies Klass Oil brand low sulphur kerosene (home heating oil) to homes located in Co. Meath and some parts of Co. Louth and Co. Cavan.

Kerosene (Home Heating Oil) has a red colour. It burns cleanly, economically and is used mainly in modern, indoor boilers. Kerosene is treated with antifreeze agents giving you a winter grade oil.

If you have an older, an outdoor burner or you need fuel for your power generator, you need Marked Gas Oil (MGO). MGO is green in colour.  More information on MGO can be found on our Commercial Fuel (Gas Oil) page.

Kerosene For Oil Fired Cookers (Aga, Reyburn, Waterford-Stanley etc…)

Have you an oil fired cooker such as an Aga, Rayburn or Waterford Stanley? If so, please ensure to notify our sales office when placing your home heating oil order.

Why is this important?

When delivering home heating oil to a household using an Aga, Rayburn or Waterford Stanley, our drivers must clear their delivery hose in order to ensure there is no cross product contamination.

Product contamination can occur if a driver was delivering any product other than kerosene immediately prior to making a delivery of kerosene. This is particularly important in the case of Aga Cookers where minimal contamination can cause the cooker to significantly underperform and eventually choke with soot.

What is the procedure?

If a customer informs our sales office that they use Kerosene for a cooker and state the name of the cooker, this information is transferred to the driver’s delivery docket thereby informing him of the importance of clearing his delivery line prior to making a delivery to any customer that requires Kerosene for their cooker.

As a result of this policy, many heating engineers, who specialise in servicing oil fired cookers, recommend customers to order their kerosene from Tommy Dowd Oil.